Online photo exhibition


"Child’s Play" by Hong Anh Shapiro and Yoshi Shimizu

From 4 November to 6 December 2015, young violinists aged 4 to 18 are the leading players of a unique exhibition presenting the crossed perspectives of a violin instructor and a photographer.

Intimacy between a child and a musical instrument can emerge very early. In "Child’s Play", violinist Hong Anh Shapiro and photographer Yoshi Shimizu reveal the moments of emotion and wonder experienced by children and adolescents upon close contact with a violin.

The photographs try to penetrate the soul of the young musicians, as they evolve through classes, rehearsals and concerts, whether solo or in groups, in public or behind the scenes. Moments of grace or candid shots, the images capture, with sensitivity and generosity, faces, glances, movements, exchanges, and amusing scenes. The child, the violinist and the person become one, alternatively focused, dreamy, frivolous, passionate, innocent, tired, casual or seductive.

The exhibition also highlights the aesthetics of music as well as the musicality of photography. The unique collaboration between Hong Anh Shapiro and Yoshi Shimizu allows the violinist to see her students, and the photographer to hear the young violinists, whom they have been following for years. As the violinist is busy supporting, listening and directing, the photographer captures the image. And as the photographer is fully focused on a scene, an expression or an emotion, the image later renders the melody.

Together, Shapiro and Shimizu portray a new generation of wondrous violinists, photographed without mise-en-scène. The exhibition can be seen as a series of snapshots in which young musicians, sheltered in their childhood world, are revealed in their truest and most touching selves.


Cité du Temps
Pont de La Machine1
1204 Geneva

From 5 November 2015 to 5 December 2015

9:00am - 6:00pm